General Auto Repair

Ofier auto World provides General auto repair and Service. It includes all kind of dents and defects. Whether its Collision repair, Painting, Wheel Repair, Airbags replacement, Laser Measurement system etc.

Fleet Maintenance Specialist

Fleet management zopusa commercial motor vehicles such as cars, vans and trucks, rail cars , ships, as well as aircraft (planes, helicopters etc.). Fleet management includes a range of functions, such as speed management, vehicle financing, vehicle telematics (tracking and diagnostics), vehicle maintenance,driver management, fuel management and health and safety management.

Factory schedule Miantanence

Ofier Auto Repair provides schedule maintenance for all kind of vehicles . We all know all machines need to be have a regular maintenance to make it more reliable. So we give a service of regular maintenance so that your vehicle could give good performance.

Computer Diagnastic

At Ofier Auto World, we have a service of Computer Diagnostic in which a program written for the express purpose of examining the state, or locating problems with the hardware, or operating system environment that it is running on/in.This is one of the best part of our service in which we will check your vehicle computerised to check its defect . Preferably, diagnostic programs provide solutions to the user to solve issues.

Air Conditioning

Air conditioners can cool your home efficiently, that is, if all of the parts are kept in clean and in functional condition. Over time, you’ll need to perform routine maintenance on your air conditioner parts to keep them operating at maximum efficiency. These units are easy enough to maintain throughout the year and the savings are more than worth the time you’ll invest to keep them running in tip-top shape!

Remote Starter

A remote starter is a radio controlled device, which is installed in a vehicle by the factory or an aftermarket installer to preheat or cool the vehicle before the owner gets into it. Once activated, by pushing a button on a special key chain remote, it starts the vehicle automatically for a predetermined time. Different models have keyless entry as well.